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We received all our stuff from New Zealand last week and I just personally wanted to thank you for all the information and help you provided over the course of it being shipped. Sending all our personal stuff from one country to another is certainly one of the most stressful things we have done, but being in contact with something like yourself was really comforting. Thank you for your time. Hope you have a good year. Kind Regards

House Relocation 
We offer household relocation by air and by sea, to port and to door to most places in the world.

Baggage Shipping
We offer baggage shipping by air and by sea, to port and to door, to most places in the world.

Car Moving 
With the value of the New Zealand Dollar and no duty on cars in this country it makes taking your car with you a viable option.

Moving your Pet
Don’t forget old Fluffy! Flying pets to Australia is quite a simple process. We offer a service for cats, dogs, and other pets. 

Budget Moving and Baggage Express International Ltd is a company owned and run by people who have been in the moving and household relocation industry for many years. We have worked for other larger companies both here and in the UK, allowing us to bring you, not only a wealth of knowledge on what and what not to do, but arguably one of the best services available in New Zealand for moving around the world.

Baggage Shipping
We offer household relocation and baggage shipping by air and by sea, to port and to door, to most places in the world from New Zealand, including Australia and the UK.

Moving to Australia?
Looking to Move to Australia? Let our experienced movers take care of all your household and baggage shipping requirements for the move to Australia. We have many years of experience of moving people across the Tasman.

Hi Sarah
We’ve checked all the mirrors now and everything is intact. Thanks for all your help, your organizational and “can do” approach during the last month for all the shipments were very reassuring, thank you so much.  And the crew yesterday were very professional as well, please thank them for us, again.
Best wishes
Jane and Phillip