Documents for Moving

A million THANKS Sarah!

The box arrived the very next day after we spoke! It was delivered to a sorting office, but no problem. David and I cannot thank you enough for your time/patience/understanding. A million THANKS Sarah!
Please keep our email addresses (they haven’t changed for 15 years, so doubt they ever will), and please…….if you, or any of your family visit Dubai, then our home is yours. We would make anyone you know, so very welcome.
Oh, by the way….how did you know that the little cream coloured ‘blankie’ you wrapped a photo in, was the one our daughter was born in! Tears all around to see that again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a star you are Sarah.

Sheena and David & family. X

Everything went really well yesterday, the guys down here were all really good and had everything out by 1pm, we are very happy with the way the move went (just not the customs stuff, but that was my fault for ticking the wrong box).
The moving guy said customs showed up with an x-ray machine and did everything that would fit, and from what we can see they opened about 6 boxes, i hope they enjoyed rummaging around our clothes and Marlens sewing and knitting kits (it made us laugh). Anyway all is good and thanks heaps for making this an easy step for us.

James Dixon