pet2Moving your Pet
Don’t forget old Fluffy! Flying pets to Australia is quite a simple process. We offer a service for cats, dogs, and other pets. Your pet is collected from your door and flown ahead of you so when you arrive they are ready to come home with you.

Moving your pet to UK and Europe
For the UK and Europe, restrictions have been slackened but there is a lot to six months prior to departure, please call us and we will advise.

Let us know what kind of pet you would like to take and where you would like to take it we can fly to almost anywhere in the world. For dogs, what kind and their rough weight, or for cats, how many and can they travel together?

I just want to thank you once again. All my stuff arrived just 3 days before my departure to Italy and it’s all in order.
I’ll open the boxes on my return in NZ (end of July) but apparently they are all in “good health”
Thanks a lot.
Best Regards