baggage2Baggage Shipping

We offer baggage shipping by air and by sea, to port and to door, to most places in the world.

Sea Freight
The cost of sea freight is volume based whereas airfreight is on weight as well as volume. The airline calculation for volumetric weight for air cargo is 167kgs per cubm.

Air Freight
To a lot of countries air freight is far more cost effective, as there can be high sea freight minimums.

Tea Cartons
Tea cartons can be provided for your convenience these are roughly 44 x 44 x 63cms, with 7 of them making a cubic metre, but your own suitcases and bags are fine if you prefer.

Baggage Shipping to Australia
Baggage entering Australia must go through strict quarantine regulations.
Please check out our link with the Australian quarantine service before packing.

Packing, storage, and insurance is available if required.

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Dear Kathy,
Thank you very much for your excellent service and for being so accommodating with the addition of the second bag. I picked up my bags from the airport this evening without any difficulties.Being so far from NZ and trying to organise these sorts of things can be a nightmare, so thank you for making this run so smoothly. I really appreciate your time and effort!

Regards,  Ella